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TeSys D
Contactors and reversing contactors up to 75 kW/400 V and 250 A/AC1
  TeSys F
Contactors and reversing contactors up to 450 kW/400 V and 2100 A/AC1
  TeSys K
Contactors and reversing contactors up to 7.5kW 400/415V
TeSys B
Bar contactors up to 900 kW

   Modular Contactors

Modular Contactors

  Thermal Relays

Thermal overload relays up to 75 kW/400 V
  TeSys LR2K
Thermal overload relays 0,06 kW to 5,5 kW
  TeSys LR9 - LR9D / LR9F
Electronic thermal overload relays with build-in alarm function from 18,5 kW to  
                      315 kW
TeSys LT3
Thermistor protection relays

  Protection Relays

TeSys T
Motor management system
  TeSys LUTM
Controllers Tesys U up to 450 kW
  Vigirex RH10MP-RH21MP-RH99MP-RH197-RHU
Residual Current Relays and Toroids

  Electronic Over Current Relays

TeSys LR97D
Electronic overcurrent relays 0,3 A to 38 A
  TeSys LT47
Electronic overcurrent relays 0,5 A to 60 A

Circuit Breakers

  Modular Circuit Breaker

Modular circuit-breakers up to 63A
  circuit_1.jpgVigi for C60
Add-on RCD
Modular circuit-breakers up to 125A
circuit_1.jpgVigi for C120
Add-on RCD
Residual current circuit breakers up to 125A
  circuit_1.jpgOptional Auxiliaries
Auxiliaries for MCBs & RCDs
circuit_1.jpgDPN Vigi
RCCB with overcurrent protection
High performances modular circuit breakers
  circuit_1.jpgVigi for NG125
Add-on RCD
circuit_1.jpgOptional Auxiliaries for NG125
Auxiliaries for MCBs & RCDs
  circuit_1.jpgC60 UL/CSA/IEC
Miniature circuit-breakers up to 63 A - North American standards
  circuit_1.jpgNC100 UL/CSA/IEC
Miniature Circuit-breakers up to 80A - North American standards
circuit_1.jpgGFP UL/IEC
Ground Fault Protector 100 A - North american standards

  Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Circuit-Breakers from 15 to 400 A
Control units for Compact NS > 630A and Masterpact NT/NW
  circuit_14.jpgCompact NS
Circuit-breakers from 15 to 630A
circuit_14.jpgCompact NS > 630A
Circuit-breakers from 630 to 3200A
circuit_14.jpgCompact NSF/NSJ
Circuit -Breakers 100 to 600A - UL489 listed
  circuit_14.jpgCompact NSX
Moulded case circuit breaker

  High Current Air Circuit Breakers

Masterpact NT
Circuit-Breakers from 630 to 1600 A
Masterpact NW
Circuit-Breakers from 800 to 6300 A
  Masterpact NT/NW UL 489 listed
Circuit-Breakers from 800 to 5000 A
Masterpact NT - NW Navy
High current air circuit breakers 630 to 4000A
  Masterpact UR
Ultra Rapid Circuit breakers 5000 and 6000A

  Source Changeover Switches

Interpact INS/INV
Source changeover switches 40 to 2500A

  High Current Air Circuit Breakers

Motor circuit-breaker up to 25A
Motor starter circuit-breaker up to 63A
Motor starter circuit-breaker up to 125A
TeSys GV2-ME
Thermal-magnetic motor circuit breakers
  Compact NS80H MA
Circuit-Breakers for motor protection up to 37 kW
  TeSys GV2
Circuit breakers 0
TeSys GV3
Circuit breakers up to 30 kW
  TeSys GV7
Circuit breakers up to 110 kW
  TeSys mini-vario

  LV Switches

Modular switch-disconnectors/isolators
  Compact NS switches-disconnectors
Switches with free tripping 100 to 630A
  Interpact INS/INV switches
Disconnect switches 40 to 2500A
Masterpact Switch-disconnectors
High current switch-disconnectors

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