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Pick & Place System

The HP140 integrates a horizontal and a vertical linear axis in a single module and can move directly to all points along these two axes. As such, the HP140 overcomes the limitations of traditional pneumatic systems with regard to variability, dynamics and also efficiency.
  • Extremely high dynamic performance
  • Ready-for-installation, holistic, customer-friendly complete solution (plug&play)
  • Free user-programmability for changing tasks/processes
  • Permanent feedback of position, process forces, speed (adjustable control circuit)
  • Maintenance-free
  • WAS-WEISS Application Software for simple commissioning

  High-Performance and Easy to Integrate: Pick-o-Mat Automated Assembly System

The conventional design of automated assembly systems with pneumatic handling systems requires a high number of control system inputs while still being susceptible to faults and slow in speed. Thanks to a new technical approach, the Pick-o-Mat puts things right and convinces through a high-performance solution at a very favourable price.
  • One central drive can set up to 24 pick&place, press or lifting modules in dynamic motion. Depending on the vertical and/or horizontal stroke being processed, the Pick-o-Mat achieves up to 80 cycles per minute with minimum control system inputs and extreme reliability.
  • The rotary indexing table is clocked as fast as possible based on the number of stations and load. Electronically coupled to the rotary indexing table, one 360° rotation of the central drive cam represents one complete pick&place cycle.
  • A rotary encoder attached to the central drive can be used to send control signals directly (for example to switch gripper valves). In line with the WEISS product philosophy, the Pick-o-Mat also employs a simple and elegant solution to provide the greatest possible user and customer benefit.
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